Our Story

Café Crêpe - since 1999

A love affair began with the crêpe for Café Crêpe’s founder while studying in Paris, France a few decades ago.
Upon his return to Canada, he called his good friend, a Parisian crêpe chef specialist, to help him open a unique, international café with traditional Parisian crêpe recipes.
Hence, Café Crêpe was born. In operation since 1999 – and currently expanding throughout North America and Asia.


Mission statement

“To use local ingredients while offering a French inspired, International Café experience. Providing an authentic and relaxing environment for our guests to enjoy.”


Core Values

We recognize our employees are critical to our continued success. Our reputation for outstanding crêpes and customer service is the direct result of our combined efforts. We appreciate and respect our employees, and promote internal growth to those who showcase passion and ability. We are an equal opportunity employer who truly believes that true success comes through encouraging the entire workforce. We believe in the integrity of our product and in never missing steps for the purpose of short term gains. Our crêpe recipe has never changed since our first establishment opened in 1999.